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What classes do you offer?

Dance classes : Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap and Speech and Drama.

Young adult fitness classes : a fun dance cardio based workout.

Older adult fitness classes : 'Stretch and Flex' for those aged 60 years and older.

Young child classes : Tiny Tots.

Speech and Drama classes : build self confidence.

Ballroom Dancing classes : by appointment. Get ready for your wedding day perhaps.

Refer to the school timetable to see what's on and when. Click here.

What are the fees?

Fees are in accordance with the individual discipline and payable at the start of each term. There are 4 terms a year.

Click on Fees link to view amount and discount.

What age can my child begin dance / speech?

We teach from 3½ years and recommend 4 years of age as the ideal time to start dance class for the pre schooler.

Speech students ideally need to be able to read competently and so 8-9 years of age is generally a good age to start Speech and Drama.

Contemporary dance begins at about 10 years of age or Ballet Grade 4.

Is attendance compulsory?

It is expected that regular attendance to classes is met as we follow the same code of compliance as schools.

Parents need to contact the school if their child is sick or unable to attend lessons.

How do students progress?

Students progress through the grades or levels by way of external Examinations or a length of study deemed satisfactory by the directors of the school.

Parents need to contact the school if their child is sick or unable to attend lessons.

How can I be kept informed of results?

Results are recieved through the external examination boards of the NZAMD, RAD and NZSB via the class teacher.

Notification of exam results can be emailed if necessary.

How will I know how my child is doing?

Students progress may be discussed via e mail, phone or personal interview through appointment times outside normal timetabled class times.

Viewing days and Cushion Concerts are also a means to view your child's progress.

Is there a dress code?
Where do I get uniform?

Uniform may be purchased through the office.

Am I allowed to watch my child in class?

Viewing of classes are the first week of every new month.

Requests to view classes outside these times must be arranged at the office.

Do you have a recital?

Yes we have an annual production usually the second week of Term 4 each year.

How do you register?

Enrolment is done online. Navigate to Our School/Enrolment. This will take you to the School enrolment form. This is completed at the start of each New Year

Are dance exams compulsory?

Dance examinations are not compulsory but are suggested as a means to encourage progression through the levels if the student is ready.

Who are you registered with?

We are registered with the Royal Academy of Dance, New Zealand Association of Modern Dance, New Zealand Speech Board and the Trinity College of London.

How do I find your school?

The studio address is: 111 Colombo Road, Masterton. A GoogleMap view is here.

Exam and seminar fees for the year can add a significant expense.
I want to be the supportive, but can you tell me if it is necessary to sit all exams?

Having had my own two daughters go through many exams I can more than appreciate the concern about fees. Unfortunately we have no control over fees as they are set by the examination boards. NZAMD are sympathetic to this issue and set one of the lowest charges in the world.

Initial exams are not compulsory. However, the following are if a child wishes to take exams beyond these levels: Level 4 Contemporary, Level 4 Hip Hop, Elementary Jazz, Level 7 Tap and Grade 5 RAD Ballet. Under the Association's rules, these grades must be passed before further grades can be taken.

There's more...

If your child gained the ANZAMD letters by successfully passing the Advanced NZAMD levels, to be able to use these letters (which are held in high regard in the dance world as they are equivalent to a BA at University) they have to show that they have sat all levels and grades. They may be asked to submit copies of their certificates as proof.

The other fact is that they may decide to teach dance at some point in their life or even use these skills to teach dance whilst studying at University. Studio owners will look favourably on students who have these letters as they know what exams have had to be taken to achieve such a level.

Is there something missing here?

Please use the Contact page to request that an item be added here for the mutual benefit of all Dance School students and parents