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To develop a sense of discipline and facilitate a love of dance, students are encouraged to follow these guidelines. We hope that parents are aware of the guidelines too and support their child in following them.


All students are encouraged to arrive at the studio a few minutes early. Hair and uniform should be worn as stated under the dress code.


No food or the chewing of gum is allowed in class for the obvious health and saftey reasons. A glass of water 15 minutes before class is recommended.

Lost Property Box

This is located in the dressing rooms at both ends of the complex and all items left are placed in the baskets. Please check regularly.

We strongly enourage you to name all items of clothing.

Discontinutaion of a class.

Students discontinuing a class must give written notice to the Directors one full term ahead of cessation. Otherwise, once a term has commenced, all term fees are payable in full.

Parents viewing classes

There is viewing of classes during the first week of each term. Whilst we are very happy for parents and caregivers to view the classes we ask that you please keep the noise level down.

Ideally, we would like that all students will remember and rehearse their corrections and retain their syllabus knowledge from each lesson.

Please inform the teacher beforehand if you wish to view a class out of the scheduled monthly viewing.

Cushion Concerts

This are an opportunity for parents to watch their child perform exam work. Parents bring a cushion and are given a mark sheet to assess their child's performance.

The concerts help to build the confidence to perform in front of an audience and to encourage practice at home in preparation for the big day to come. They are usually held 4-6 weeks before exam day.


In order to preserve the safety of all, please do not bring cars down the main studio driveway.

As the studio is in a residential area we ask that parents are mindful of driveway entrances on both sides of Colombo Road.